Err 193, 194: MSN Dial-up may not be Available After You Type A Telephone Number

Err 193, 194: MSN Dial-up may not be available after you type a telephone number


This error displays when you try to dial-up Internet access and you purchase a new subscription or trying to configure an existing subscription, or trying to upgrade to dial-up by using the Upgrade Wizard. You receive the following error message after you type your telephone number and click Next:

MSN Dial-up may not be available in your area. Verify that the area code and telephone number that were entered are correct, and then click Next to check for Internet access numbers again.


  1. Make sure that you entered your telephone number correctly.
  2. Verify that any firewall and antivirus software is turned off by following the steps here.
  3. Optimize Internet Explorer by following the steps here
  4. If you are using Dial-Up and seeing this error, create a manual connection by following the steps:
  5. Restart the installation, and then select the Yes, I am currently connected to the Internet option when you are prompted to make a selection. Once your installation has completed successfully, follow the steps here to turn on the MSN Dialer.

If you are still seeing an error or using DSL/LAN to connect to the internet then < a href="">click here to ask a question.