Fix MSN Messenger Windows Live 81000306 Error

Fix MSN Messenger Windows Live 81000306 Error

MSN Messenger 81000306 error

Most of the time this error appears on your screen when you use MSN messenger. This happens and it stops you when you try to login to your Windows Live account or Hotmail Account. The message appears is shown in the image. Although, you can fix this error. But before that you have to know the causes of this error.

Causes Of The 81000306 Error

This error occurs due to many reasons. But main reason that mostly occur is the internet connection. So main causes for the MSN Messenger 81000306 error is :

  • Your Internet connection is faulty or inactive
  • MSN’s messenger servers are down & unreachable
  • You have issues with your network or firewall
  • The causes of this error are Internet related and will likely be blocking your messenger account from signing in. So if you are getting this problem, you can contact MSN support experts for the solution.

    How To Resolve The 810000306 Error

    Step 1 – Make Sure Your Internet Is Connected

    First thing you have to make sure that your internet is connected. If your computer is not connected with the internet, then your browser create problem. And MSN will not run on your computer. So connect with the internet before running MSN on your browser of the computer.

    Step 2 – Try Signing In With eBuddy

    eBuddy is an online service which provides a web-based messenger service, allowing you to sign into Windows Live messenger from your Internet browser. You should try and sign in with your details (it’s totally safe, don’t worry) and if it works on there then you need to proceed to step 3. If it does not sign in with eBuddy, then there’s a problem with the actual MSN service itself and you should wait for them to correct the issues.

    Step 3 – Scan For Viruses

    Sometimes infected files or viruses create the error. So you can download antivirus from the internet and remove the infected files.

    Step 4 – Enable MSN / Windows Live Messenger On Your Firewall

    If you have firewall that blocks programs that run from the internet then make sure you’re your programs like windows live, Hotmail, MSN be unblocked by the firewall that you are using. So ensure to enable MSN, windows live messenger on your firewall. Sometimes they block the program and you cannot run your MSN on your PC.

    Step 5 – Reset The Proxy Settings Inside MSN / Windows Live Messenger

    There are settings in the Windows Live Messenger, and these settings are called Proxy settings. To reset proxy settings in Windows MSN messenger, try the steps given below:

  • Start MSN Messenger.
  • On the Tools menu, click Options.
  • Click Connection, and then click Advanced Settings.
  • Delete the entries under SOCKS.
  • Click OK, and then click OK again.
  • Step 6 – Repair The Registry

    Sometimes MSN not running on your PC due to the corrupted registry. So before starting the MSN, repair your registry and then try to run the program.

    You can find these steps for running your MSN or windows live, Hotmail account. Finding problems in your account? Don’t worry. Take out the assistance from the MSN customer service experts.


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