How To Discontinue MSN Email in Outlook

How To Discontinue MSN Email in Outlook

As MSN email offers different facilities hence it is mostly used for professional work but is also available for the users to offer them the ease in their communication. MSN is a Microsoft product therefore users need to have a Microsoft account in order to avail the services with ease. The other similar email service provider is Outlook that offers the email communication facilities for their professional work and assists them to keep themselves ahead as well as updated.

The user can access MSN account in the outlook which makes it simple and most used option to work on for the users. But, sometimes the user doesn’t want to increase the quantity of mails and do not wish to get the MSN emails on Outlook. Well, not to worry, user can disable this option by following the below mention steps and these steps will discontinue MSN emails in Outlook.

  • The user need to open the Outlook account
  • Now click the settings option available there
  • Then click the gear icon in the Outlook toolbar
  • Next select option from the Menu
  • Track the safe and locked sender link
  • Under preventing Junk mail option the user will find the link
  • The user now need to click block sender option
  • Choose the OK option to confirm

The steps mentioned above will assist the user in stopping the MSN email in Outlook and on their mailbox will increase the traffic.

If by following these steps user is not able to stop the MSN email then it is recommended to call on the msn support phone number and ask for assistance. The user can ask msn tech support to offer support for msn email. The MSN technical team will either guide the user on call regarding the issue or the user can ask them to visit and resolve the issue. The experts are 24X7 available to provide the ideal solution for any technical problem. Therefore, if the users is not a tech person and doesn’t want to take any sort of risk with the mails then it would be best to ask the technical team of the MSN. The user can even ask for call back or home visit for resolving the problem of discounting the MSN email in the Outlook. Make sure that the user has the right msn help support number to get connected with them.