How To Fix MSN Error Codes?

Now the first thing comes in our mind what is an error code? An error code is a fault that you generally see in your MSN or any account in the form of number and alphabet appear on your screen as a error. If you are not familiar with the error codes, then these codes are just impossible to fix. There is a need of technical knowledge that you should know that how can you fix this error? So often we take professional help to resolve these issues of error codes.

Error codes can appear in online as well as offline in your software during installation. Most of the time, it is well known that if you are an MSN user, and you are using your account, you can face this error. And if you are not able to resolve these error codes, don’t worry. We are providing some solutions for these codes one by one only for the MSN email account user.

How to Fix MSN Error Codes?

How to Fix MSN – Error 800488fb?

MSN – Error 800488fb this error officially appears in MSN messenger. If you are a MSN email account user, you use the MSN messenger for the communication to your friends, and for the office. But sometimes user face this error in their messenger show them a message that “the account has been blocked temporarily”. Do you want to fix this error? Then try the steps given below.

  • Update account information on the official website of MSN Messenger.
  • Make sure password is being typed
  • Clean temporary files.
  • Reset the clock on the computer.
  • Disable firewall
  • Restart computer.
  • Still unable to remove the error? Getting problems? Don’t worry. Contact MSN Customer Service Phone Number experts.

    How to fix MSN Error Code 0x8004ff00

    This error often appears when you try to install Microsoft Security essentials in your system. The error code occurs mainly because of another windows installer running in the background. In such a case, follow the instructions given below here:

  • Uninstall any current Internet security programs installed on your computer and restart it.
  • Now, try installing the Microsoft Security Essentials again. The problem should be fixed.
  • How to Fix MSN Mail Error Code 3219 or 0x8de00005

    MSN Mail Error Code 3219 or 0x8de00005 generally appears when you try to send email from your MSN email account. This error code indicates that your MSN Mail is unable to connect to the Hotmail, Outlook, or MSN servers. To fix this error code, check out the steps given below.

  • Go to the Account Tab and click on the + sign with @
  • Enter your email address, password, and display name in the provided field.
  • Select Manually Configure Server Settings.
  • Then check IMAP under Incoming Server Information and type
  • Select Requires a secure connection SSL.
  • Under Outgoing Server Information, enter server address as and port type 587.
  • Select Requires a secure connection SSL and Requires Authentication.
  • Click Next.
  • By using these steps, you can easily resolve your problem.

    So these are the error codes that user often encounters in their MSN account. If you are not able to resolve the problem, don’t worry. You can contact MSN Phone Number experts and find the solution.


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