How to Recover Hacked or Blocked MSN Email Account

How to Recover Hacked or Blocked MSN Email Account

The MSN account is a Microsoft product and is available to manage the communication related work for the user and let them to administer their professional as well as personal work. It is prepared with numerous features which make it simple for them to administer their email associated with work and permit them to remain updated.

But it has been noticed by users that sometime they are unable to access their email and find difficult to resolve the issue. The reason could be either the account is hacked or it s blocked for some reason. If such situation occurs then the user need not to worry and follow some easy steps to recover the hacked or blocked MSN email account.

  1. Visit the Microsoft account page
  2. Then the user needs to choose the reset password option.
  3. Now click the option “ I think someone else is using my account”
  4. Then click Next
  5. Enter your email address
  6. Enter the Captcha code
  7. Then select “I don’t have any of these options” and click Next
  8. Select the “Submit” button after filling the recovery form.

These steps will assist the user in resetting the password and within few easy steps the user will be able to access the MSN email again.

In case these steps don’t work for the user or the user experiences any sort f issue then it is recommended to get connected with the msn customer support. The MSN team will be able to resolve your issue easily in few minutes.

The users need not to worry as MSN technical support is 24X7 available to assist you. You just need to get in touch with them and ask for support for msn email. Either they will resolve your query on call or will ask you a home or office visit.

The user can get assistance regarding msn email issues through email. The MSN team even replies to the users query on email. But if you are looking for instant help then it’s better to call at msn help support number and ask for assistance.