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How To Recover MSN Email Account

How to Recover MSN Email Account? - MSN Contact Number

Whenever you want to access your MSN email account, you just have to enter your email and password. And if you forget your email password, then you can recover it by just go to forgot the password and when you enter your mobile number a PIN is sent directly on your number to change your password. But what will happen if you forget your recovery email id and phone number. If you have ever got this situation, then solution is right here. You can dial MSN Contact Number and take the help of the experts.

Recover your MSN account if you forget your recovery email id and phone number is not so difficult. Instead of recovering your phone number and email address just remember the answer of your security question. If you get your answer right, you will get access to your email account.

Sometimes when you enter the right answer of your security question the MSN gives an error. The reason for this is cookies, history of the browser. So Before doing this you should clean your browsing history and cookies. And you should have internet connection. Still finding a problem in your MSN email account, call @ MSN Contact Number.

Steps to Recover Your MSN Email Account:

  • First, visit https://account.live.com/resetpassword.aspx
  • Choose the option “I forgot my password”
  • Select “Reset your password”
  • Enter the MSN email address.
  • Now type the captcha in the box.
  • Choose the Security Question option and answer exactly the same.
  • You will be given an opportunity to reset the password. Choose a strong password.
  • Always remember the answer of security question. If you forget the answer of your security question and issue still there, take the help from the MSN solution center and again verify your identity. Get assistance from the MSN Contact Number.

    The steps for recovering your MSN email account is simple. But however, you forget your security question and answer then you can face the problem. But don’t worry. You can take the help of MSN solution center. If still getting problems take help of the experts at MSN Contact Number. 24*7 Representatives USA/CANADA assist is available for your help.