Recover Blocked MSN Mail Account

Recover Blocked MSN Mail Account

Since MSN is a property of Microsoft, as an msn user, if they find some suspicious activity in your account. The microsoft will block your account. To unblock your account, process doesn’t take too long anyway. The microsoft just requires the verification again.

You must log on to

Instructions to unblocking your MSN mail account:

  • Sign-in to your blocked account. sign in into microsoft account
  • Enter a mobile number to get the security code. You can any mobile number of your choice which is able to receive the text messages.
  • enter the number to receive code
  • The moment text alert arrives; enter the same into the webpage.enter the code received on mobile number
  • You must change the password to unblock your account. You must choose a password that is completely unique from the last password. Choose a very strong password and never use straight words that are available in the dictionary.
  • You must include upper cases, lower cases, along with the numbers and the special characters like ([email protected]#$%), etc.
  • Now change the old password and enter a new one
  • Common problems with the security code:

    To unblock your MSN account is by requesting the security code and entering it right away on the webpage. If you didn’t receive the security code then, you must try again or try with another mobile number. Sometimes it can take a while; make sure that there is proper network coverage. If the security code doesn’t work then verify that you have entered the code from the body of the message, not the code which is there on the header of the message.

    If you are still facing this issue you can contact msn helpline number experts.


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