When Junk Mail Filter is Not Working Of MSN

When Junk Mail Filter is Not Working Of MSN

The level of filtering can be done with MSN that you desire the junk e-mail filter to utilize when the user’s e-mail is delivered. To train the filter to understand junk e-mail and deliver it to a suitable folder, the filter level helps when you set it. Exclusive, Moderate, Strong, Light and Minimal are the filter levels, the user can choose from them. With junk email filters, every filter does a dissimilar level of the job. However what the user can do if MSN junk mail filter is not working? We have jotted down few steps which the user can opt for when MSN junk mail filter is not working.

Steps to resolve MSN junk mail filter problem when is not working

The user can follow the below steps to fix the issue:

  • Click Settings after clicking the Help & Settings menu
  • In the left pane click the email
  • Then click Junk E-Mail Guard.
  • After that click Junk e-mail filter.
  • Choose the junk e-mail filter level that you wish to use.
  • Then click Save Changes.

If your junk mail filter is not working then you can use these steps. Otherwise, MSN technical support can help you with that. When nothing works it’s always helpful to get in touch with tech support at MSN technical support number. Whenever you face any technical problem with your MSN account, the team of Microsoft helps to resolve it as soon as possible. The team is available 24X7 and is ready to guide you as well as instantly help you with your issue.

For faster assistance, the MSN customer service number is the ultimate option. The issues which the user is unable to resolve on its own, they can get in touch with the customer service. The user can even ask the support team any information related to the MSN account. The experts will guide you on call or will assign a representative to visit you. The user can be assured that the services they are going to get from MSN customer service would be best and satisfactory. Hence, when feeling lost with your account and do not have any idea what to you, then it’s recommended to call for MSN customer support. They will assist you instantly and will resolve your issues with the MSN account satisfactorily.